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Our Prince, Joe, is leaving us. Please send him out with loving arms and join his goodbye collab. -stares sternly at joe-



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PostSubject: Ughh......   Ughh...... Icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2011 5:37 pm

I swear, am i like cursed or something? every new friend I make always seem to move. And now my best friend, who I've been friends with for like 8 years is moving, my new friend I made this year is also moving, my other friend is starting to hang out with other people, and me and my other other friend are kind of drifting apart, it's like i'm going to be a loner now. :c. I've looked at the good sides though, I can go in the library and do my homework...? I don't know Haha. :c. Since 3rd grade... at least 10 of my friends, or more, moved, doesn't that suck? Ughh...... 3729071434 GAWD. I'm kinda pissed off d: Ughh...... 1306826464 AND I just found out this year my asthma is starting to come back. JOY TO THE WORLD! Ughh...... 57196 I have other friends but they're just class friends though... so we're not really close Ughh...... 3079029344
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